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How To Apply

Erie County Applications

Applications are divided into three (4) housing catagories, General Housing, Housing for Persons with a Disability, Housing for Seniors and veterans. To download an application for our housing communities within Erie County, choose which application or applications are best suited for your needs by clicking on one or more of the links below. You can choose the fill-in application that can be completed on your computer and then printed for your signature or you may use the standard application that may be printed and then completed by hand.

Application for General Housing – Erie County

thumbnail of Erie_County_General_App

Application for Senior Housing – Erie County

thumbnail of Erie_County_Senior_Application

Application for Persons with Disabilities – Erie County

thumbnail of Erie_County_Disabled_Application

Application for Veterans’ Housing – Erie County

thumbnail of FSA_GRH_Application
Crawford and Warren County Applications

To download an application for our housing communities within Crawford and Warren Counties, click on the link below.

thumbnail of Crawford Warren Counties Application
Mercer County Application

To download an application for Liberty Crossing Townhomes in Grove City, PA, click on the link below.

thumbnail of Liberty_Crossing_Housing_Application

The following information will be helpful to have on hand when filling out your application. Do not mail these documents or copies of these documents with your application. We will ask you to bring these documents with you to your initial interview when a unit becomes available.

  • Name and addresses of Landlords for the past two years
  • Name and address of your doctor so we may verify your qualifying disability (housing for persons with disabilities only)
  • Social Security card for every member of the household
  • Birth Certificate or another form of State/Federal ID showing date of birth for every household member
  • Income information: Copy of Social Security Award letter, employer name and address/pay stubs, proof of child support, etc
  • Asset information: Names and addresses of all financial institutions where you have accounts (accounts include checking, savings, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance policies, etc)