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Resident Services

Resident Services

Many of HANDS properties offer resident services through our Resident Resource Coordinators, who are on site to assist our families, senior residents and persons with disabilities in obtaining the supportive services they need to continue to live independently in their homes.

Resident Resource Coordinators

  • Advocates on behalf of their residents

  • Resources for residents on available community based services, and can answer any questions

  • Facilitators of wellness, and other educational programs for residents

  • Educators who provide trainings and assistance to residents and other property staff

  • Advisors who can assist residents with building support networks and consult with tenant organizations and resident management

  • Referral agents who connect residents to service providers who can meet their needs

  • Motivators who empower residents to be as independent as possible

  • Monitors who follow up with services provided to residents

  • Champions who encourage residents to adhere to a healthy lifestyle

Help stengthen the lives of people in your community